Yealands Wine is Cool with the Plastic Bottle and Yummmmy Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Yealands Wine is Cool. Not only are they Carbon Zero and leading the way as a business to reduce C02 emissions and their overall footprint on this earth. Why are NZ businesses not also doing even half of this!!!!! Get on….

Anyway: they continue to innovate with a plastic bottle: I LOVE IT YEALANDs with their yummmmy Sauvignon Blanc 2012.

It was one of those days. I had been to the Gym, Bodytech and pushed hard. I was stuffed. I needed to get some cat food. Ok., lets buy some wine too. At one end of the aisle some guy and his son had just dropped a glass bottle. Smash!!! I tried some wine from the Yealands guys at the other end of the aisle and he introduced me to the plastic bottle. COOL.

Ironically on my way out, do you know what happened?  My bag broke and a bottle of wine (glass) fell on the ground. It is did not smash but it made me think; plastic is fantastic. It made me also think about the efficiencies created in the waste recycling chain if all the wine bottles were plastic? No more supermarket double bagging too. Thanks to Susan Rosewarne for her insight into the Yealands business this year in APMG 8119 Digital Enterprise.

So, I will enjoy this bottle of wine: More than others.

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