Recent Work – Brand Development at CarbonClick

Was really happy to work with the amazing Carbon Click team to rethink there brand. Rethink = Refocus on the core values or what is called Customer Based Brand Equity. Strong marketing and communications teams are continually looking at their brand, what it means to stakeholders, what is its experience and how it could transform. […]

Is it socially responsible to have a 30 foot image of McDonald's french fries opposite a primary school for longer than 4 weeks?

Is it socially responsible to have a 30 foot image of  McDonald’s french fries opposite a primary school  for longer than 4 weeks?

Is it socially responsible to gave 30 foot image if McDonald's french fries opposite a primary school fir longer than 4 weeks?

Is it socially responsible to ave 30 foot image if McDonald’s french fries opposite a primary school fir longer than 4 weeks?

My Own Reflection on the Digital Enterprise 1st November 2013 at 9.38 am: APMG 8119

Some one said to me the other day: “we need to find more oil.” Presumably to improve the economic wealth of the nation; jobs, overseas export revenue etc. An alternative more sustainable view is to create more digital enterprises. Here are some examples: Zero Live Orion Health and the new GeoOp The above companies (and […]

Collaboration for fast learning in the face of uncertainty (Steve Barnett, 2013) – "The idea of a fully collaborative effort seems unattractive to the public yet that's what's making this AC so spectacular. Collaboration for fast learning in the face of uncertainty."

Steve Barnett commented on leaning and the Americas Cup (Spithill and Barker). Something we can learn from in business and innovation. Steve wrote: “Good on him! I agree, Spithill is a very amiable genuine guy. So is Barker in, in a more reserved way. What interests me is the public desire to find a hero. […]

Yealands Wine is Cool with the Plastic Bottle and Yummmmy Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Yealands Wine is Cool. Not only are they Carbon Zero and leading the way as a business to reduce C02 emissions and their overall footprint on this earth. Why are NZ businesses not also doing even half of this!!!!! Get on…. Anyway: they continue to innovate with a plastic bottle: I LOVE IT YEALANDs with […]

Propositions on innovation, creativity, enterprise and design: Unitec's new learning adventure for leaders of enterprise and innovation

Peter Mellalieu introduces a new course in February 2012 comprising part of the Unitec Master of Business, MBus.   What is innovation? What do we need innovation? … Is innovation more than inventing an unconventional product, or creating a new service or process? How do innovations get created? … What are the factors associated with […]

Spring graduation – Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, September 2011

I love graduation! I love meeting my previous students. What are their plans? Where are they working? At graduation yesterday I found one of my Chinese students is returning to China to work in her father’s factory. The factory manufactures motorcycles and quad cycles for an international brand name. Later, she intends to work in […]

L-e-tter from America: Episode 1: An expedition commences

  A video letter from Peter Mellalieu, Department of Management & Marketing Over the period July-August 2011 I conducted an expedition to the United States of America. The focuss of my expedition was to study regional development approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship development, especially regarding the challenge of ‘greening the business’. Specifically, I explored how […]

Creating the future through 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship' – BSNS 5391 commencing August 2011

Welcome to ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship‘ (Unitec BSNS 5391). This course introduces you to the systematic processes of innovation management, creativity, new venture creation, and entrepreneurship. These processes are essential for the successful growth and development of a variety of organisational forms including: corporates, small-medium enterprise (SMEs), and start-up ventures. Consequently, this course presumes that the […]