Reasons to Announce a Company’s Social Media Presence Offline


Recently I came across heavy criticism against putting icons of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other networks on a company’s front door or windows.

A blogger I follow, questioned if such approach makes any sense to consumers. “What’s the point of inviting me to find you on Facebook, while I’m in your office right now?”- the blogger asked.

Well, let’s not overcomplicate a simple matter. Businesses with an established online presence should advertise its social media profiles – it’s important to show consumers where they can reach you, besides your office or website. What are the benefits? Firstly, you show a social side of your business (open, friendly and communicative). Secondly, by coupling your offline activities with online ones, you gradually build a community around your business. Thirdly, by blurring the line between consumers’ online and offline interaction you make their experiences more engaging.

So, taking into account the complexity of consumers’ brand experiences, announce your social media profiles both online and offline. For instance, a sign saying “Find US ON…” can be put on your blog or website, printed ads (brochures and flyers), TV ads, business cards, in-house posters, and, of course, on windows and front doors.

However, before putting social media icons on your front door make sure that your profile is very much alive.

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