Social Media Branding for Small Business: Yarns with Erica and Jess

Today was a really great day for me. Just a normal winters day in Auckland, New Zealand. My son and I decided to go and have a walk to the village. Have a coffee and do some shopping. Raining and cold. We stopped in at a local church who had a craft day on in Mt Eden. I was looking around and then it hit me and I immediately thought about the book I have been working on focusing on social media branding for small business.


The stall was pretty simple. Two women aged in their early 20’s smiling and doing knitting. Wow, they also had eft-pos. But the sign was brilliant on many levels. Apart from being very witty, that is, the yarns part playing off knitting and chatting, I loved the link to Facebook.

Wow, They get it. Social media branding is really simple. In a witty way linking the offline brand and conversation with the social media community based conversation.

And, yes, what is the outcome for their brand. We spent $35. We have told over 500 people…

Cool. So, go and have a yarn. Yarns with Erica and Jess.


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