Political Marketing: Part 4 – Be Good and Behave

A student of mine, Van, was talking to me about my last post on political marketing and the effect of aggressive comparisons. Not playing fair and marketing in an unethical way. So, called dirty politics. Van recalled a great campaign by Apple which we probably all know where a comparison is made between Apple and the PC. Instead of using aggressive name calling and the put down. Apple uses good humor to entertain and stimulate thinking. Each respects each other and allows the customer and audience to be entertained but also make up there own decision. Given what I know about Apple customers. I don’t think they would tolerate Apple behaving badly in the marketplace. It is against the Zen. 

Van also talked about the campaign of Obama in 2008 as an example of how political parties should behave. Instead of focusing on the negative people bashing. Build the bridges. 

So, it begs the question in politics: Be Good and Behave. Set the example. If you are to become the example.   

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