Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Experience? The Difference in Experiential Value.

Often the question is brought up about the brand and the difference between traditional marketing vs. digital experience? The answer lies in the outcome and consequences. Primarily the difference is in the customers experiential value and the protection of that by the channel. A simple example is a current campaign that is based upon advertising communications […]

Samuel Stadler from Unleashed Software talking Google

Samuel Stadler from Unleashed Software talking Google to New Zealand Institute of Education students in Digital Marketing with Dr. Robert Davis. The insight will help these students shape their own live digital  business model development. 

"Facebook Is a ‘Mobile Company,’ But Is That a Good Business? (Bloomberg)": YES: Facebook is the new Google (Davis).

The results just came out for Facebook showing that 23% of their revenue is now from mobile ad (up from 14%). The question is; is this good news? The full article is here (Facebook Is a ‘Mobile Company,’ But Is That a Good Business? by Bloomberg) My view is yes. For two reasons: 1. Consumers […]