Strategic momentum in knowledge: October 25, 2013 APMG 8119 DIGITAL ENTERPRISE 2013 GCSB DEBATE: LIVE – FOR Presentation

GSCB (FOR) BY: Vipin Kumar, Somchay Indavong, Mike Masiye, Sindhu Punnoose , Natalia Tarasova and Apurv Tijare. POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS APMG 8119: DIGITAL ENTERPRISE 2013 FOR DR ROBERT DAVIS Presentation here: Assignment 3 Presentation – FOR GCSB Bill – APMG 8119 DIGITAL ENTERPRISE

APMG 8117 Marketing Strategy (Master of Business) 2012 – Final Case Company Fisher and Paykel Healthcare

On 24th May 2012, 8 students of APMG 8117 Marketing Strategy (Master of Business) 2012 finished their final case company presentations for Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. This was the 5th. Well done!!! This is a masters level course so their are high expectations in terms of the level of work students are required to submit. […]