Strategic momentum in knowledge: October 25, 2013 APMG 8119 DIGITAL ENTERPRISE 2013 GCSB DEBATE: LIVE – FOR Presentation

GSCB (FOR) BY: Vipin Kumar, Somchay Indavong, Mike Masiye, Sindhu Punnoose , Natalia Tarasova and Apurv Tijare. POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS APMG 8119: DIGITAL ENTERPRISE 2013 FOR DR ROBERT DAVIS Presentation here: Assignment 3 Presentation – FOR GCSB Bill – APMG 8119 DIGITAL ENTERPRISE

APMG 8119 Digital Enterprise 2012 we are doing (in October) a class debate of the Megaupload Case

As part of APMG 8119 Digital Enterprise 2012 we did (in October) a class discussion of the Megaupload Case. The class will be split into 2 teams; for and against. The argument will cover legal and non-legal aspects of the case in a debate. This will be fun, Megaupload:  Some questions covered: What are the key […]

Marketing Strategy (APMG 8117) – 2011 – PG Dip Business/Master of Business

Here is Associate Professor Dr. Robert Davis in these two photos with three of his students (Humaira, Bushra and Kaly) in the Marketing Strategy (APMG 8117) course (PG Dip Business/Master of Business) in November 2011 at the Department of Management and Marketing at Unitec. Happy smiles after the completion of their intensive work with;  Super Liquor, Rakon, Air […]