Digital Revolution in India – Remontization Presentation – MRIU India Trip January 2017

I have been asked to deliver some lectures while i am visiting at MRIU.EDU.IN. My thoughts are to focus on demonetization or remonetization as they like to promote it in India. Presentation PDF THE BIG IDEA HERE IS – THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION My focus is to explore with current discussion and students: What it is? […]

Building Valued Digital Brands in India

The main key issue I am placing emphasis here with Indias digital revolution is the importance of startups creating strong valued digital brands. Two of my papers will help to under this process: Davis, R.A. Piven, I., and M Breazeale (2014). A Conceptual Model of Consumers Service Brand Consumption in Social Media Community, Journal of Retailing […]

Digital Revolution in India?

A great time to be part of the digital revolution in India. Remonetization strategies key agenda is to speed up the transition. Moving Indias 90 percent hard currency dominant economy to 10 per cent.