Spring graduation – Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, September 2011

I love graduation! I love meeting my previous students. What are their plans? Where are they working?

At graduation yesterday I found one of my Chinese students is returning to China to work in her father’s factory. The factory manufactures motorcycles and quad cycles for an international brand name. Later, she intends to work in the USA as part of the distributor’s retail chain. Always asking the ‘green’ question, I asked if the factory manufactured electric motorcycles? “No”…. I suggested she might consider launching a ‘new venture’ project to start manufacturing electric cycles – either within her father’s factory, or in her own venture. In encouragement, I mentioned my previous Chinese student had returned to China, worked briefly for her father’s clothing company, and then left to set up her own clothing factory…. hopefully as a supplier to the the clothing company in New Zealand where she undertook her Industry Based Learning project on Safety and Health.

Peter Mellalieu teaches Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Unitec Institute of Technology. Course BSNS 5391

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