iPad Drives Online Shopping: Black Friday 2012

At a recent consumer behavior consumer conference this year (2012 Gender and Consumer Behavior Conference) I presented a paper on Does Gender Matter in the Relationship Between Hedonic Shopping Motivation and Purchase Intentions? In the paper and presentation it was posited that wireless devices would challenge the existing status-quo in terms of online shopping.

The iPad and other tablet wireless devices will drive future online sales.

My prediction is that the sales  through this channel will be skewed towards:

  1. Exploratory rather than goal directed shopping.
  2. Hedonic rather than utilitarian.
  3. Impulse rather than planned behaviors.
  4. Feminine rather than masculine (and we are not talking about the biological sex-type binaries here mate).

The simple and key proposition is that the existing PC/web-based shopping channel is oriented around the masculine. Channels developed by wireless devices will further develop the Feminine.

Here is some evidence: by IBM: iPad owned 88% of Black Friday online shopping from tablets by Michael Rose.

Download the full report on Black Friday 2012. What are the implications for NZ? I would say the same.

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