APMG 8117 Marketing Strategy Students – Working with Just Water and Chief Executive Tony Falkenstein – March 2013 (Project 1/5)

APMG 8117 Marketing Strategy Students – Working with Just Water and Chief Executive Tony Falkenstein – March 2013 (Project 1/5)

A lovely photo with Tony at Just Water. As part of the taught Master of Business of programme Associate Professor work with five leading companies on marketing and business related opportunities and issues. Lead with innovative practice that has theory and research based implications.  Thank you Tony!


Marketing Strategy is focused upon work with 5 of New Zealand leading business: working on advanced marketing and business problems directly with Senior Executives. You could not get any more applied and real world than that. In this course we go out of the lecture room and work on these problems at the business site. Company’s that we have worked with in the past have included: Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Air New Zealand, TradeMe, Rakon, The Human Interface Initiative, Turners and Growers, Altezano and Super Liquor. Each year with the collaboration of other industry leaders like Zac Pullen helps us push the boundaries of our practical application.

This course of study provides students with an enhanced capability to examine advanced marketing theory and practice within five core contexts; consumer to consumer, business to business, service marketing, global marketing and technology mediated context (online). Students will critically examine the proposition that to strategically understand and apply marketing, they should have a holistic perspective that envelops the five core contexts.

Learning and Teaching Approaches

A mix of lectures, class discussions, case study, visiting lecturers, on-line and web-based resources will combine to enhance the lecture-based learning: a component of knowledge development that provides a forum for the exploration of the base knowledge and a chance to get ‘off-road’. This thinking process helps students understand the variations in the base knowledge. Blended-Learning students can supplement this learning by being actively involved in electronic discussions. Assessment -based learning, which enables learning to be focused and for ideas to be defined more clearly within a given context.

Here is the course descriptor [APMG 8117 – Marketing Strategy – Course Descriptor] and Unitec enrolment page.

Course and Lecturer evaluations are here.

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