Can Social Media Predict the Future? A Special Issue by Internet Research

“Predicting exactly how waves will break upon the shore is nearly impossible. But forecasting waves that travel along social media streams is more than doable-it’s already happening, according to acollection of studies recently published in Internet Research. Consider that virtually every move we make on TwitterFacebook, and other social media channels is being recorded in some form as documentable data. That data, apparently, can be prescient when collected on a large scale and carefully examined by social and computer scientists who are skilled at examining online behavior. These experts now have the ability, based on identifiable trends, to foresee likely outcomes such as election resultsbook sales, and movie box office success.”

Here for more

Please also see our own work and book on Social Media Branding by Robert Davis and Inna Piven. Hopefully soon to be published on

Internet Research Journal here.

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