I have been working on a revision of our book on social media branding. This time being published in hard copy through the Business Expert Press in the USA. After quite a few reviews, I think we are the stage to go to publication. It is an exciting new journey and great to be able to invest the time in this work.

In the book I talk about the Community Reboot. Of branding that is. The 5-Sources Model of Social Media Branding starts with the fundamental question: Where is your brand? Where does it exist? Before I would have said that it exists within your company, with its people and possibly on the shelf or online. It is articulated in a strategy document. We often see your brand in traditional marketing communications. It is part of the vision. The 5-Sources Model says those days are over. What I like to say is that traditional branding has been rebooted by the community. The days when companies had control over the brand are over because something called ‘the community’ has broken free from its offline cage. Like anti-matter, the community and its offline and social media presence have reabsorbed these traditional frameworks and architectures. Like a B grade movie, the community has morphed into an uncontrollable beast. It found online and pushed GO or maybe ON is a better word.

The community just rebooted business and their primary target has been…yes, you guessed it, the brand. Offline, their views were mostly ignored or hidden in market research studies on the brand. Now their input into the brand and its meaning is ubiquitous and in real-time nano-second mode. Multi-lingual, multi-device, multi-channel. All interlinked with extreme velocity and synchronicity. The first change on the agenda is the meaning of the brand. Now it is purely from the customers’ perspective. Brand meaning is now owned by the community and we aren’t going back. That community involves many different brand stakeholders and could involve customers, businesses, suppliers, influencers, social interest groups etc[1].  Given the significant change in how we view and think about your brand, the reboot has motivated the creation of a new way of thinking about the brand. The 5-Sources Model. Motivated by the movement of the social community.

Social Media Branding FOR SMALL BUSINESS:  The 5–Sources Model

A Manifesto for Your Branding Revolution

[1] For example, see the early work for further reading on brand communities: Cova, B., & Pace, S. (2006). Brand community of convenience products: New forms of customer empowerment – The case “My Nutella The Community”. European Journal of Marketing, 40 (9/10), 1087-1105.

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