What is the most value brand in the world? Millward Brown, Brand Finance and Interbrand Rankings

From the “The Economist, 30 August 2014, pp 53-54 (two articles); The Daily Telegraph, 2 September 2014, p B5; telegraph.co.uk, 2 September 2014”

The Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK cites that “Brands can be the most valuable things that a company owns; Millward Brown calculates that they make up 30% of the value of the S&P 500 companies. Millward Brown, Brand Finance and Interbrand produce annual surveys giving the value of global brands. Analysis of their data by The Daily Telegraph reveals that Apple owns the most valuable brand in the world, worth nearly $117 billion. Google comes a close second at $107 billion while IBM lags at $76 billion. But it is the technology companies that dominate the ranking, Coca-Cola, at number five, is worth just $64.5 billion.” 

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