WSO Presentations by Professor Robert Davis

Professor Robert Davis runs the first of professional development series for business students at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS). To receive free Power Point Presentation, contact us or leave your name in the comment.…/executive-team-a…/professor-robert-davis/ WSO presentions focus on: W – WHY – Why we do presentation? S – SHAPE – What is the structure […]

New mantra for

Ma Te Matauranga Ka Mohio. Ma Te Mohio Ka Tutuki Creating Knowledge Designing Understanding Cocreating Application The focus is on creating knowledge, but extending that knowledge to understanding. This is a conversion and transformative process. The knowledge becomes owned and integrated to purpose. Like the script, it is played out in action where it becomes […]

RED: A new look for

RED: A new look for What does RED mean: action, power, energy, speed, passion, strength, courage, motivating, stimulating, energizing, determined, exciting, warm, and confident.

2015 Holiday for at Bland Bay, Northland, Ñew Zealand

Time for a break in the glorious New Zealand summer.  Back online next week.  Happy New Year 2015.

Political Marketing Part 3: The Amplifier. The Internet

In the current political climate and campaigns one needs to be aware of the amplifier or the Internet.  Simply put. Offline content that would normally be ignored if only presented offline would stay that way. That same content could then be uploaded onto the Net and further, social media.  BAM. Amplification.  It takes on its […]

10 Reasons Why to Engage with

10 Reasons Why to Engage with Depth of Experience: The experience of transcends large and small businesses. Across consulting and senior management to time at the coal-face. Research based knowledge development through to learning from experimentation. A breadth of question. Understanding Your Business Model: has a relentless desire to understand your business model and […]