Appointment to Editorial Board of Journal of Marketing Communications

I was pleased to be appointed to the Editorial Board of Journal of Marketing Communications (JMC). JMC is a very good B journal, ranked in the ABDC 2013 Journal Rankings. JMC is very pertinent to marketing theory and practice because it is specifically related to the current communications context; where multiple channels of communication (offline, online, […]

Congratulations to Internet Research: Ranked A in the Australian Business Deans Council 2013 Rankings

Congratulations to Internet Research: The Recognised Scholarly Leader for Internet Research Ranked A in the Australian Business Deans Council 2013 Rankings  Well done to Professor Jim Jansen and the editorial team. Internet Research is one of a few high quality journals totally devoted to internet research from a cross-disciplinary perspective.  Also according to Emerald, “Internet […]

Internet Research's 2012 impact factor is 1.5 (up from 1.115 last year).

Great news: Internet Research’s 2012 impact factor is 1.5 (up from 1.115 last year). From the journal information page and I quote from here: Unique attributes: Internet Research is an international, refereed journal that aims to describe, assess and foster understanding of the role of wide-area, multi-purpose computer networks such as the Internet. Topicality: As the internet continues […]