More Good News from the Bachelor of Business: End of placement reflections from an Industry Based Learning Student

My name is Denisa Hebblethwaite and I am the lecturer and co-ordinator of the Industry Based Learning (IBL) course.  IBL forms a cornerstone  of the Bachelor of Business degree and is a key reason why our students lead applied business.

Often our international students find industry placements a new and exciting (sometimes challenging) experience. Here is one of our recent student’s reflections (with her permission) on her IBL experience:

“After I decided to take the IBL course this year, I felt that this course is trouble. Because there are lots of things I need to do to complete the course. I need to prepare my CV, looking for jobs, going to job interviews and so on. Now I am writing my end of placement reflections, I feel the IBL course is the best course after all. It gives me the real life experience which I have never had before. It gives me the confidence to attend future job interviews. It gives me an idea of how an organisation operates, and how to get used to the organisation. It also turns me from a tertiary student who knows nothing about the real world, to a student who is prepared to look forward to the future with confidence.

I feel competent to do my work after I had enough practice in the workplace. For example, I was not confident when I was doing the first round of internal audit, but I was competent to do the second round of the internal audit. I did the second round all by myself, and I didn’t experience any problems.

One thing I do need to improve is my report writing, especially the tone and content. Reports need to be concise and comprehensive. And the wording in the reports needs to be concise and professional too. By reading and practising writing more, I will build more confidence in report writing.

The whole Industry Based Learning experience is totally new to me. It is my first time working in an organisation which has no Asian staff. I am surprised and pleased to feel that I can quickly fit into the new working environment, and I really enjoyed the whole working experience. Now I am not afraid to hunt for jobs in Kiwi organisations, because I know as long as I am willing to communicate with others, I will have fun at work.”

Please contact me if you would like to know more about the Industry Based Learning course. If you are just starting your degree go here to enrol  in the  Bachelor of Business.

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