Some Research Questions Related to Customer Experience from APMG 8119 Assignment 1 Discussion

Some additional research questions that came out of the discussion (plus there are some good thesis topics here):

  1. Disabled perceptions of real virtuality; visual, physical etc. There is a big research gap here.
  2. On and offline behaviour.
  3. Trial of new products online.
  4. Strategic issues of change from off to online.
  5. Perceptions of offline company size influenced by online brand.
  6. Transaction costs and the effect on customer value.
  7. Brand personality offline and how that translated to online including social media and community.
  8. Shopping cart and total basket perceptions.
  9. Brand online experience and security.
  10. Mapping of customer experience.
  11. Why people may not care about physical processes vs. those that are computer mediated online?
  12. Service branding in different retail contexts; food, electronics, etc.
  13. Abuse online and disruption of service experience.
  14. Modelling convenience and customer purchase online.

Email me if you would like to discuss how to answer these questions at

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