The Human Brand by Chris Malone

Chris Malone presenting The HUMAN Brand at the HCI Employee Engagement conference in Chicago on September 24th, 2013.

Please also consider our work on Social Media Branding by Robert Davis and Inna Piven. Book in review (fingers crossed). 

Brand Outsourcing Workshop Presentation – SoDA-Pi 2013



  1. Thank you, Robert. What a great lesson!


  2. Reblogged this on unique mongolia and commented:
    What a great lesson! This is what a traditional management trying to interpret, in my opinion, into HR problem solving function, but it is a such bigger issue. And what is fascinating thing is it is aligned with my own view of reality hasn’t been changed at all, we are coming back to learning ourselves again – sounds very Buddist view, right! Back to future! Connecting consumers with employees is essential, business with society as it is a one functional part-creator of its wealth as it is a one concept! Thank you, Robert.


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