Revised Versions of Social Media Branding on Lulu, Amazon Kindle in Three Formats: PDF, ePub and Kindle

Since getting the initial versions up we have been working hard towards perfection. Here is the page to go from on Soda-pi. So, am pleased to announce the revised formatted versions up: Lulu, Amazon Kindle in Three Formats: PDF, ePub and Kindle. The Lulu version in ePub can now be distributed through iBooks, Barns and Noble […]

The Human Brand by Chris Malone

Chris Malone presenting The HUMAN Brand at the HCI Employee Engagement conference in Chicago on September 24th, 2013. Please also consider our work on Social Media Branding by Robert Davis and Inna Piven. Book in review (fingers crossed).  Brand Outsourcing Workshop Presentation – SoDA-Pi 2013  

What is SoDA-Pi?

Social Media Community: Building Brand Relationships Outsource the Brand By Robert Davis and Inna Piven (SoDA-Pi) “To the community.”  “Some businesses are not sure what to discuss on their social networking pages. They just bombard us with specials and try to sell their products and services. To me social media is not about selling. It’s about the […]