New Working Paper: 1968 Modeling Consumer Sport Consumption 2013 By Robert Davis and Amish Patel

Working Paper: 1968

Modeling Consumer Sport Consumption 2013

By Robert Davis and Amish Patel

Robert Davis: Associate Professor: or, Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.

Amish Patel: Master of Business Research Candidate, Auckland, New Zealand.


The aim of this research is to publish the results from our work on sport consumption in New Zealand as at October 2013. This research is the latest work to be published in New Zealand on the topic based on the random responses of 500 consumers. So, it is a reliable sample .

The research has two parts.

1. Part 1: which relates to sport consumption (see below) (e.g., time watching of listen to sport, purchase behavior, playing etc). and,

2. Part 2 which relates to underdog motivation (not presented in this paper and based on the initial work of Associate Professor Lee McGinnis and colleagues).

This paper focuses on sport consumption only.

The paper is also part of two larger works:

1. The underdog fan research of Associate Professor Lee McGinnis, PhD, Associate Professor of Marketing, Stonehill College.

2. Amish Patel – Master of Business Thesis on underdog consumption and sport behavior. Of note, Amish did a great job in the collection of the data for this study.

More complex academic papers will follow in the future. But at this stage, let’s keep it simple.

Download the full working paper here: Modeling Consumer Sport Consumption – Blog Mini Paper – 1968 – 30 October 2013

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