"Facebook Is a ‘Mobile Company,’ But Is That a Good Business? (Bloomberg)": YES: Facebook is the new Google (Davis).

The results just came out for Facebook showing that 23% of their revenue is now from mobile ad (up from 14%). The question is; is this good news? The full article is here (Facebook Is a ‘Mobile Company,’ But Is That a Good Business? by Bloomberg) My view is yes. For two reasons: 1. Consumers […]

Why did Facebook go Public?

Why did Facebook go Public? Because they could not find the privacy setting? Jason Kemp 21 May 2012

Why Facebook Revenues Are a Black Spot: This is a work in progress….

Facebook is a relational environment. Consumers want to interact. Not transact. Facebook is oriented around the web in a single channel space. Hence, consumers expect the experience to be free. Apple and Google now own the mobile2web. Consumer interactivity in Facebook is based around community. The consumers will protect that space from invading brands at […]

Facebook IPO Bubble

“I know a bubble when I see one,” Bill Gross, Pacific Investment Management Co.’s co-chief investment officer, wrote about Facebook in a posting on Twitter. Read the article here.

Facebook details Skype-powered video calling, group chats by Los Angeles Times

Facebook and Skype: “Facebook announced its new Skype-powered video calling on Wednesday, as expected, along with a new group text chat feature (Nathan Olivarez-Giles: LA Times).”