Political Marketing: Part 4 – Be Good and Behave

A student of mine, Van, was talking to me about my last post on political marketing and the effect of aggressive comparisons. Not playing fair and marketing in an unethical way. So, called dirty politics. Van recalled a great campaign by Apple which we probably all know where a comparison is made between Apple and the […]

Political Marketing Part 3: The Amplifier. The Internet

In the current political climate and campaigns one needs to be aware of the amplifier or the Internet.  Simply put. Offline content that would normally be ignored if only presented offline would stay that way. That same content could then be uploaded onto the Net and further, social media.  BAM. Amplification.  It takes on its […]

Key vs Clark: Brand Trust?

The recent New Zealand election was pretty much run as a brand-related marketing campaign. The first time in history when all the parties applied strong branding to their communication with the public. The Greens were a good example. Their campaign was all about the brand, meaning, party vote. A de-emphasis on personality. Act made it all about […]