Most of the income gap between NZ and Australia is due to low labour productivity in NZ's services sector

Reposted from NZ Institute of Economic Research (Inc), NZIER (Yang & Stephenson, 2011).  “Differences in productivity explain much of the growing income gap between Australia and New Zealand. Good policy responses rely on understanding the sources of these differences. “Seventy percent of the aggregate gap in productivity between the two countries is due to under-performance […]

Creating the future through 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship' – BSNS 5391 commencing August 2011

Welcome to ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship‘ (Unitec BSNS 5391). This course introduces you to the systematic processes of innovation management, creativity, new venture creation, and entrepreneurship. These processes are essential for the successful growth and development of a variety of organisational forms including: corporates, small-medium enterprise (SMEs), and start-up ventures. Consequently, this course presumes that the […]

And the forecast is: WRONG

The Business Herald in the NZ Herald this morning (Friday 25 Feb 2011) features an edited extract from Dan Gardner’s new book “Future Babble”. In the excerpt Gardner writes mostly about how “we” continue to believe experts’ predictions about the future when they are notoriously, conclusively, consistently wrong. According to Gardner this is because our […]

Robert Davis on: Why the Department of Management and Marketing?

Associate Professor and Head of Department Dr. Robert Davis on: Why the Department of Management and Marketing and Why our programmes at Unitec?