Learning and Knowledge – The Best Achievement

This week I had a chance to reflect on the success of my team at AIS Business Programmes. I was able to do this through our Student Representation Forum which is run over 25 courses each semester (3 semesters). Essentially the course reps get together with me and one of my staff Dr. Leonie Menzies […]

I predict XERO Live will be in this list: "DISNEY, YAHOO!, GOOGLE TOP LIST OF 100 MOST LOVED COMPANIES" by APCO Worldwide – Washington, D.C. (Oct. 10, 2013)

Not surprising. What brands dominate? Well, they are online, service dominant and entertainment based! Apart from the entertainment part (unless you find accounting entertaining) – this is why Xero Live is doing so well. As some would say – the level of customer (and employee, community) engagement is high. DISNEY, YAHOO!, GOOGLE TOP LIST OF […]