Propositions on innovation, creativity, enterprise and design: Unitec's new learning adventure for leaders of enterprise and innovation

Peter Mellalieu introduces a new course in February 2012 comprising part of the Unitec Master of Business, MBus.   What is innovation? What do we need innovation? … Is innovation more than inventing an unconventional product, or creating a new service or process? How do innovations get created? … What are the factors associated with […]

How can we create 'good jobs'? Book review of Clifton's "The coming jobs war"

Reviewed by Peter Mellalieu. Peter teaches innovation and entrepreneurship at Unitec Institute of Technology. How can we create ‘good jobs’? This is the most urgent question New Zealand, America and all other nations face. According to Jim Clifton, the answer lies in the spirit of free enterprise — not central or local government policy-making. In […]