Collaboration for fast learning in the face of uncertainty (Steve Barnett, 2013) – "The idea of a fully collaborative effort seems unattractive to the public yet that's what's making this AC so spectacular. Collaboration for fast learning in the face of uncertainty."

Steve Barnett commented on leaning and the Americas Cup (Spithill and Barker). Something we can learn from in business and innovation. Steve wrote: “Good on him! I agree, Spithill is a very amiable genuine guy. So is Barker in, in a more reserved way. What interests me is the public desire to find a hero. […]

The Living Curriculum at the DoMM. An Open Discussion Facilitated by Steve Barnett

Last evening 20 people engaged in spirited conversation about radically different ways to manage learning. Not so radical if you teach on a high school YES programme already, but radical for most secondary and tertiary teachers. Thanks to Rob Ayres (Te Puna Ako) and Yong Liu (Tech wiz & camera operator) the conversation was webcast […]

On Steve Barnett by his students

From one of our students on Steve Barnett, a lecturer at the DoMM, working for Fujitsu. “For me the biggest effect was that you got me to think about my own objectives and career path, how I am going to get there, and what obstacles I may encounter. Any question that was asked of you was […]