Six Key Principles of Engagement: Content (in Blogs)

In my current Master of Business course APMG 8119 Digital Enterprise, students have been posting assignments and their journey through the course on their own course blogs (HERE) . The final assignment assignment is the course is this blog and their own critique of it according to the following 6 ways to shape content driven engagement: 1. It’s for […]

Defining the New Engaged Customers : Clustomers by Jason Kemp

If was originally a spelling mistake buy I thought it was a good definition of the engaged customer. Clustomers = Customers in Clusters or customers in social media community.

Jason Kemp is Thinking – Six Key Principles of Engagement: Content

6 ways to shape content driven engagement: 1. It’s for the customers… not the company. 2. Content flow trumps perfection & polish. 3. Call to Action – Measurable Engagement. 4. You’re creating more content than you realise. 5. You don’t have to create everything you publish. 6. Engagement is the key metric. Here for full […]

Engagement – Who, What and How

The following presentation is about engagement. It is based on my thinking and work with creative students (and their hard work) on how they would engage with stakeholders. Yes, we could have talked about: how to get a job? But then that is boring, out of date and completely irrelevant to their context. Download the […]