My Environmental Values Destroyed – Nike NZ, McDonald NZ and Paradise Indian Food (Sandringham) (and I am sure there are more)

I have very strong environmental values personally and professionally. I have done since the Anti-Nuclear stance of New Zealand. I have always been massively impressed by people like Peter Garret and Midnight Oil. This emphasis has flowed throughout my career and through my education beginning with Agricultural Science at Lincoln University. But now I am […]

Love of Service and Learning. Its Painful Sometimes!

I recently received the below feedback from a customer about my service and commitment to their learning. Wow. Thank you. It made realize that sometimes service and customer commitment actually hurts. The self. You so much want to lead them to success but the journey has failure and then recovery and then failure…then success. Its […]

B – 2018 PBRF Result

B – 2018 PBRF Result

Happy to get B Ranking for 2918 PBRF RESULT…TEC Performance Based Research Fund Top 39 percent in Marketing and Tourism Top 39 percent overall across all researchers and disciplines. This reflects the work over 6 years with a significant time in management and resulting in over 4 A ranked research ouput in the core outputs […]

Leading Brand Experience (Small-world)

I recently had the opportunity to go to a Lincoln University reunion this weekend. What a great time. Great people. Wonderful friends. In our journey I had the cool experiences of many small young brands at the local farmers market. The amazing quality of every aspect of the brand experience. True innovation. What impressed me […]

UX and UI? Brand authenticity is key to meaningful and relevant customer/user experiences. But how do you conceptualize and measure brand authenticity? Use some No.8

UX and UI? Brand authenticity is key to meaningful and relevant customer/user experiences. But how do you conceptualise and measure brand authenticity? Use some No.8. The No.8 Model. The No.8 Model is defined by 8 dimensions.  Download the short PDF Presentation.

Professional Development in Communications on 7 Days and more…

Last year I decided to challenge myself further professionally and personally by trying to improve my LIVE communications skills using acting. Vital in my roles in marketing, communications and learning development. I don’t mean to be a smarty pant but I actually really enjoy and embrace the challenge of being in such an intense and […]

Nominated for Massey University 2018 Lecturer of the Year

So happy to be thanked by my customers and clients for my commitment to the service I provide them in learning and innovation in their life journey. Nominated for Massey University 2018 Lecturer of the Year

Ten things you didn’t know about Robert Davis

As a strategic, innovative and experienced senior leader, with over 20 years’ leading marketing, brand and consumer-engagement initiatives and contributing to best-practice research within digital and offline strategy, it is with great interest that I apply for the role of Marketing Manager. I am confident that my experience in senior and consultancy roles for local […]