Professor Robert Davis – Google Scholar Citations at 7 April 2017

Google Scholar Citations: Professor Robert A. Davis and AIS New Zealand Citation indices All Since 2012 Citations 1084 612 h-index 14 14 i10-index 16 15 Title Cited by Year A comparison of online and offline consumer brand loyalty PJ Danaher, IW Wilson, RA Davis Marketing Science 22 (4), 461-476 302 2003 Conceptualizing and measuring […]

Learning and Knowledge – The Best Achievement

This week I had a chance to reflect on the success of my team at AIS Business Programmes. I was able to do this through our Student Representation Forum which is run over 25 courses each semester (3 semesters). Essentially the course reps get together with me and one of my staff Dr. Leonie Menzies […]

A Comparison of Online and Offline Gender and Goal Directed Shopping Online

Some good new on the research front. Download here: Davis Smith Lang – 2017 – JRCS 38 – Online and Offline Gender and Shopping. An unconditional acceptance in the  Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services of the paper:  “A Comparison of Online and Offline Gender and Goal Directed Shopping Online” ‘A’ level ranking (ABDC): This paper is based […]

Tank Juice by Monica Cantoni Secco

Tank Juice by Monica Cantoni Secco It is always nice when learners think about life long learning and reflection in an applied context. Here is an example of one of my best and brightest students from Brazil, Monica Cantoni Secco ( who based the development of her digital marketing strategy on Tank Juice. Monica on […]

DISRUPTION: What is Innovation? Paradox or Therapy?

This is a recent submission 2017 (unaccepted) at the European Marketing Academy which seeks to explain INNOVATION DISRUPTION: What is Innovation? Paradox or Therapy? I used the word ‘therapy’ in the context of ‘business therapy’ an innovation term introduced to me by an experienced business practitioner, innovator, entrepreneur and… …overall agent of disruption. DOWNLOAD PDF […]

Digital Revolution in India – Remontization Presentation – MRIU India Trip January 2017

I have been asked to deliver some lectures while i am visiting at MRIU.EDU.IN. My thoughts are to focus on demonetization or remonetization as they like to promote it in India. Presentation PDF THE BIG IDEA HERE IS – THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION My focus is to explore with current discussion and students: What it is? […]

Your Brand Strategy? A Wonder of the World?

I recently visited the Tajmahal with colleagues from Nikhil and Arun. What an amazing place! Such romance and history. The one thing that makes the Tajmahal a wonder of the world is a combination of the overall vision of beauty built on extreme detail. I was shown the centre line from which the overall […]

Building Valued Digital Brands in India

The main key issue I am placing emphasis here with Indias digital revolution is the importance of startups creating strong valued digital brands. Two of my papers will help to under this process: Davis, R.A. Piven, I., and M Breazeale (2014). A Conceptual Model of Consumers Service Brand Consumption in Social Media Community, Journal of Retailing […]

Digital Revolution in India?

A great time to be part of the digital revolution in India. Remonetization strategies key agenda is to speed up the transition. Moving Indias 90 percent hard currency dominant economy to 10 per cent.