Current Research Work in Communications: Authentic Dialogue

Current Research Work in Communications: Authentic Dialogue. There are two parts to this project. Authentic Communication Dialogue Online The first focuses on authenticity online based on Trademe and the mediating and moderating effective of experiential and rational thinking. This work has been conditionally accepted in the leading ranked global journal on digital communications, the Journal […]

Minni Design…Inspired Memories

Great to see this new small start-up based upon some amazing meaning. The link between family memories and flowers. Reminds me of my own mum. Go to Minni Design.

Presentation – Exploring and Conceptualising Ambidexterity in Paradoxical Innovation Theory (API)

ANZAM 2017 RMIT Exploring and Conceptualising Ambidexterity in Paradoxical Innovation Theory (API) Dr. Robert Davis Massey University School of Management December 08, 10 am to 10.20 am 80.09.05 Innovation – Theory of Innovation Paradox – ANZAM 2017 – Final Presentation

Innovation Ambidexterity 

The paradox of balance and disbalance metaphor. 

CMON GT^ (Come On. Get Up)

CMON GT^ (Come On. Get Up) Digital Brand and Interactive Campaign Here I am going to present some of the brand, strategy and content that I developed for the CMON GT^ Campaign implemented for ARPASS and SPARC in 2006/2007.  The full report evaluating the campaign can be read here: CMONG GT – Final Evaluation Report 2007 […]

Initial Results – Conceptualizing and Measuring Service Culture

Initial results as promised: Conceptualizing and Measuring Service Culture by Robert Davis Conceptualising and Measuring Service Culture – Presentation Initial Results – Dr Robert Davis