Part Three: Not much spark from SPARK ( The Accenture Rebranding Case

The important thing now is to look to the strategic issues and in the case of rebranding, what are some good examples of best practice. I like to refer to the Accenture rebranding case with clients and learners.  Here is some great comment from Staci Cretu Brand Building – Accenture “Due to brand confusion between Arthur Andersen and […]

Part Two: Not much spark from SPARK ( – The cost of negative WOM and the $591,354,000 question

Some would have recalled my post on SPARK called: Not much spark from SPARK ( See it here. I decided to add a part two because I was thinking about the actual sales effect of negative word of mouth or WOM. It obviously polarizes and amplifies when you have a high profile case like this. So, […]

Part One: Not much spark from SPARK (

I was very excited about the change of brand from Telecom NZ to SPARK. It was about time that they moved into the future and changed that core brand promise. Cool.   The problem is with the change is that it appears the organisation has not changed (or maybe has become more arrogant). This was […]

Political Marketing Part 3: The Amplifier. The Internet

In the current political climate and campaigns one needs to be aware of the amplifier or the Internet.  Simply put. Offline content that would normally be ignored if only presented offline would stay that way. That same content could then be uploaded onto the Net and further, social media.  BAM. Amplification.  It takes on its […]

Brand Analysis: Part Two – Brand John Key vs. Brand Dotcom (and Laila Harré)

In part two of my analysis I will briefly look at the second big issue in the current political branding. Remember, I have no biase and this process is merely brand analysis of current issues. In part one I highlighted the strategy of brand alliancing and the building of the main brand, Brand John Key […]

Brand Analysis: National vs. Labour – 2014 Election

I am not really one to get too involved in politics. It is not really in my nature and I am probably to honest and direct for it. But I did have call to think about the Brand Analysis: National vs. Labour – 2014 Election. It is a good case study in branding. A disclaimer: I […]

Announcing Brands and Brand Relationships 2014 – Susan Fournier, Mike Breazeale, and Jill Avery

It’s time to start planning for your submission to our newly branded conference, Brands and Brand Relationships 2014 (BBR 2014)! Susan Fournier, Mike Breazeale, and Jill Avery are planning a fantastic conference for the third time in Boston. This time though, Boston University will be our host. Besides the new name and look that allows […]


Our self published book is now for sale on Lulu in PDF and Amazon Kindle. It is a start. Version 1. It is a start. More versions to come. Well done Inna Piven and Robert Davis. A huge amount of work has gone into this book in the last years. FINALLY. This first book on […]

Can Social Media Predict the Future? A Special Issue by Internet Research

“Predicting exactly how waves will break upon the shore is nearly impossible. But forecasting waves that travel along social media streams is more than doable-it’s already happening, according to acollection of studies recently published in Internet Research. Consider that virtually every move we make on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels is being recorded in some form […]