Netflix jumps 10% on robust growth and rosy outlook by CNN Money

“Expectations for Netflix’s third quarter couldn’t have been higher, but the company still managed to wow Wall Street — and shares jumped 10% late Thursday as a result. Netflix cynics have been waiting for the company’s stock bubble to pop: Netflix shares are up a shocking 440% in the past 12 months, and analysts expected third-quarter […]

APMG 8119 – Digital Enterprise – Animation Research, Americas Cup, Social Media and Games

On Friday the 13 September (that must be lucky) we spent most of the class watching the Americas Cup live. 7th race taking Team NZ up to 6 to -1. We did this using the TVNZ online feed. It was also great though to go through the Animation Research work for the Americas Cup: integrating live content with, Social Media interactivity […]

Customer Experience Analysis – Assignment 1 – APMG 8119 Digital Enterprise 2013 – Reports and Presentations

Customer Experience Analysis – Assignment 1 – APMG 8119 Digital Enterprise 2013 – Reports and Presentations It went by recently and the student did a great job covering an analysis of the customer experience of companies like JB HiFi, Event Cinemas, Apple, NZ Sale, Kings Plant Ban, Might Ape, The Warehouse, Max, 2Degrees, Farro Fresh […]

comScore and Brave New World: Measurement

Placing the importance on measurement: I agree comScore. See also the work from 2003 in this space culminating in: Robert Davis and Laszlo Sajtos (2008), “Measuring Consumer Interactivity in Response to Campaigns Coupling Mobile and Television Media.” Journal of Advertising Research 48 (3): 375–391 . Just the start and can be extended to many channels coupled. From comScore […]

Some Research Questions Related to Customer Experience from APMG 8119 Assignment 1 Discussion

Some additional research questions that came out of the discussion (plus there are some good thesis topics here): Disabled perceptions of real virtuality; visual, physical etc. There is a big research gap here. On and offline behaviour. Trial of new products online. Strategic issues of change from off to online. Perceptions of offline company size […]

Gartner: Over $172B In Mobile Payments In 2012; SMS, Web Most Popular Routes

“Research out today from Gartner says that this year will see more than $171.5 billion in mobile payment transactions — a rise of over 60 percent on 2011′s $105.9 billion — with 212.2 million people (up 32 percent from 160.5m in 2011) using some form of mobile payment service. And what’s fuelling the rise? Despite the rise […]

Research by Davis, Lang and San Diego (May 2012): Online shopping is oriented towards males. Females prefer offline shopping.

Working Paper: Does Gender Mediate Online Shopping Attitudes and Purchase Intentions? Robert Davis: Associate Professor – Faculty of Creative Industries and Business,, Phone: ++ (649) 815 4321, Postal Address: Unitec Institute of Technology, Department of Management and Marketing, Private Bag 92025, Auckland, New Zealand. Bodo Lang: Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing,, Postal Address: University […]

Jason Kemp on branding

Jason Kemp suggests to watch Pinterest as a future resource for online branding.