What is Social Media? "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train." The Importance of Being Earnest. Oscar Wilde

I have just bought a new mountain bike and have spending some time on the back trails.  This time always gives rise to thinking and new ideas as I ponder some of the deeper questions in life. Recently I was thinking about: What is Social Media?  I was thinking about this because of a forthcoming […]

Mobile Shopping is HERE, gone and BOOMing! : Alibaba Group Generated US$9.3 Billion in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) on 11.11 Shopping Festival

Quoted directly from Marketwatch.com but this is impressive. Shows how mobile shopping is here, gone and boooming. Is the desktop and desktop online sales dying? Yes. Probably if you believe in the principle that commerce will be everywhere, anytime and place.  Ubiquitous in other words. 2014 Highlights from Marketwatch.com Total GMV settled through Alipay was US$9.3 […]

What is the most value brand in the world? Millward Brown, Brand Finance and Interbrand Rankings

From the “The Economist, 30 August 2014, pp 53-54 (two articles); The Daily Telegraph, 2 September 2014, p B5; telegraph.co.uk, 2 September 2014” The Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK cites that “Brands can be the most valuable things that a company owns; Millward Brown calculates that they make up 30% of the value […]

Political Marketing: Part 4 – Be Good and Behave

A student of mine, Van, was talking to me about my last post on political marketing and the effect of aggressive comparisons. Not playing fair and marketing in an unethical way. So, called dirty politics. Van recalled a great campaign by Apple which we probably all know where a comparison is made between Apple and the […]

Social Media Analytics Should be Brand Driven: Towards the 5-SAME Model

In this article I will explore why Social Media Analytics Should be Brand Driven. Brand, meaning the Social Media Brand.  There are obviously many different perspectives on what should be measured as a business analytic and why. But here is my perspective based on my branding work with colleagues. The current work focuses on the development […]

Part Three: Political Marketing vs. Marketing. Why is it different (or should be)?

This is my last post on the current political marketing strategies being employed in the 2014 New Zealand general election.  I was in my place of thinking (Mountain Biking at Woodhill Forest Bike Park) the other day. I was thinking about Political Marketing vs. Marketing. Something to get me up the hills. Why is it different […]


I have been working on a revision of our book on social media branding. This time being published in hard copy through the Business Expert Press in the USA. After quite a few reviews, I think we are the stage to go to publication. It is an exciting new journey and great to be able […]

Social Media Branding: Intermediate School Kids Project – My Life. My Beliefs. Don't Judge.

It was really cool to see some kids out today in Mt Eden with a social media branding project. My Life.  My Beliefs. Don’t Judge.  Strong message.  What really struck me about their delivery was their offline delivery.  They were giving away brownies to get people to sign their petition.  Cool. Further.  To get people […]

Part Three: Not much spark from SPARK (www.spark.co.nz): The Accenture Rebranding Case

The important thing now is to look to the strategic issues and in the case of rebranding, what are some good examples of best practice. I like to refer to the Accenture rebranding case with clients and learners.  Here is some great comment from Staci Cretu Brand Building – Accenture “Due to brand confusion between Arthur Andersen and […]